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Articles Database

Welcome to the Article Database! Here you will find a variety of articles on topics pertaining to the study of Turkic history, culture, and language. 

Makale Veritabanına hoş geldiniz! Burada Türk tarihi, kültürü ve dilinin incelenmesiyle ilgili konularda çeşitli makaleler bulabilirsiniz.

!به پایگاه داده مقاله خوش آمدید
.در اینجا مقالات گوناگون در مورد موضوعات علاقه برای مطالعه تاریخ، فرهنگ و زبان ترکی خواهید یافت

The life and legend of the first Hunnic emperor

A brief discussion of the origins for the star and crescent symbol.

Various samples of Iranian textiles that were commonly utilized by the early Turkic nomads that had migrated to Central Asia.

An ongoing article on the life of my grandfather Vefa Tanır and his contributions to the Republic of Türkiye

A description of Qırğız (Kyrgyz) jewelry.

A brief discussion on the Uyğur bridal veil

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