SEBAHAT Tanır & Avcı Collection

This is my family’s collection of Turkic artifacts that I have made available to the visitors of! Since it does belong to my family, and not solely to me, I have not yet obtained permission to release the use of the images under Creative Commons licenses. So, for the moment, they are copyright. If you wish to use a specific image, please let me know! I will make your case to my family and see if it can be arranged. 

Most of the collection belongs to my grandmother SEBAHAT TANIR, who has collected many Turkish and Ottoman pieces over the years. Many other pieces have been in her family for generations. Without her, it would not have been possible to assemble such a large collection of artifacts. 

The non-Oghuz (i.e. Turkish, Turkmen, Azerbaijan) pieces were mostly collected by me. I have been stalking auctions and online marketplaces for quite some time, going after mislabeled and unidentified pieces. These are pieces that tend to be greatly understated and therefore in my budget. I collect these pieces because I believe even the simplest piece of our history is invaluable. In an ideal world, there would be no private collectors. In the real world, I am probably one of the better alternatives. My goal is to eventually run as many (non-damaging) tests on these artifacts as possible, releasing their results to the public, then when time permits, reconstruct each piece in a 3D format via photogrammetry. These 3D files will then be released under Creative Commons licenses. 

I hope you enjoy my family’s collection!