Aqatğır (Akatziri)

The Aqatğır (Chinese: 曷嶻; Ancient Greek: Ἀκατζίρ, Ἀκατίρ) were a Xunı tribe that were active on the Eurasian Steppe during the 5th century C.E. 



Aqatğır is likely derived from Turkic *ɑk “white” and *ɑdgɨr “stallion.”

It is likely transcribed in the Suishu as the He-jie (曷嶻) LH *gɑt-dzet, a tribe located north of Kang-guo (康國) and near the Ätil River (阿得).

Alternate Theories

Sinor (1990) states that it is likely derived from ağaç eri or "woodman," itself from Turkic *(p)ɨ(ŋʲ)gɑt͡ʃ "tree" and *(p)eːr "man".