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The Book of Wei 32


Gao-zhen (高真)



During the Yan-chang (延昌) era (512 C.E. – 515 C.E.), the Imperial Secretary Cavalry Attendant (員外散騎常侍) was sent as an envoy to the Yedivar (嚈噠). There was no one among the states of the Western Regions that did not respect and fear him. As a result, (the state of the) Po-luo-hou (破洛侯) and Aşın (烏孫) presented him with their famous horses. When he returned, he was established as the Thorough Attending Chief Administrator (冗從僕射). During the Shen-gui (神龜) era (518 C.E. – 525 C.E.), the Captain of Trainee Archers (射聲校尉), the General of the Household of the Left (左中郎將), and the Army General of the Mobile Corps (游擊將軍) were restationed. Once more, with the titles of the General of Pacifying the West (平西將軍) and the Imperial Secretary Cavalry Attendant, (he) was sent as an envoy to the Yedivar.


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