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The Book of Sälçük

Zahir al-Din Nişapuri's (ظهیرالدین نیشاپوری) Salcuqname (سلجوق‌نامه) is a 12th century source on the Sälçüks, thought to have been authored sometime between 1177 and 1186 C.E. It was dedicated to the Sälçük sultan, Abu Talib Muhammad Toğrıl bin Arslan Şah (ابوطالب طغرل بن ارسلان‌ شاه). The manuscript itself was first found by A. H. Morton in London in 2004. It is recorded at the Royal Asiatic Soceity as Persian 22 (b) Morley No. 138. It consists of 21 leaves with 35 lines on each page.


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