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Excerpt History: Sälçüks


In mentioning the Sälçük kings, three branches [existed]:

  • The First branch: Those who ruled over all or some parts of Iran, [who were] 14 people. They ruled from 429 to Rabi' al-Awwal 590, [for] 161 years.

  • The Second branch: [Those] of Kerman, [who were] 11 people. They ruled from 433 to 583, [for] 150 years.

  • The Third branch: [Those] of Rum, [who were] 14 people. They ruled from 480 to 700, [for] 220 years.

[In regard to the] rulers of states that were [believers] in the religion of Islam, each and every [one of them] were stained with one or even many flaws. For example, Bani Umayyad were stained by being Zandaqe (nonbelievers), Mo'tazeleh (ascetics), and the Xavarej (a Muslim sect); Bani Leis and Al-e Buye were stained by being Rafz (Shi'a); and Ğaznaviyans, Xwarazmiyans, Salğuriyans, and others were stained by the lowliness of their jewels (low origin).


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