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Tanrı (Xuŋa: 撑犁, /*tɑnrɨ/; Xunı: թանգրի, /*tɑnrɨ/; Kök Türük: 𐱅𐰭𐰼𐰃, /*täŋri/) is the God of the ancient Turks. Not a deity in the traditional sense, Tanrı is the personification of creation itself. And although He is referred to as a "He" here, Tanrı has no sex, gender, or form. He is truly God in the sense that He is considered the only non-created entity in existence as all other gods are His creations.



Tanrı is present only in the creation myths of the Turkic people. Although he is sometimes equated with Kök Täŋri, the Turkic god of the sky, they are not the same entity. Like the other gods in the Turkic pantheon, Kök Täŋri is ultimately a creation and therefore not a God.

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