Qıdır Xunı (Kidarites)

The Qıdır Xunı, or Kidarites (Common Script: Qıdar Xunı; IPA: /qɨdɨr xunɨ/; Greek: Οὔννους τoύς Κιδαpίτας; Brahmi: 𑀓𑀺𑀤𑀭; Bactrian: κιδαρo, κιδιρo, κηδδιρo; Sogdian: κyδr; Chinese: 寄多羅), were among the first remnants of the Quŋa to invade the Western Regions following the collapse of the Northern Quŋa empire. They came to rule Bactria in addition to parts of Central and South Asia during the 4th and 5th centuries C.E.