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Yağlaqar (Yaglakar)

The Yağlaqar (Chinese: 藥羅葛; Old Turkic: 𐰖𐰍𐰞𐰴𐰺‎) were originally a tribe, but by the time they were recorded in Chinese annals, they had become the ruling clan of the Uyğur tribe and the Toquz Oğuz Confederation



Not much is known about the origins of the Yağlaqar tribe. However, the tribal suffix -qɑr would suggest that they may have been Oğuric speakers.



Their name, transcribed as Yao-luo-ge (藥羅葛) Middle Chinese *jiak-lâ-kât and Old Turkic 𐰖𐰍𐰞𐰴𐰺‎ *jɑɣlɑqɑr, is derived from Turkic *jɑɣlɑ- "to war" and the tribal suffix *-gɑ[d].

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