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Śavar (Sabirs)

The Śavar (Chinese: 蘇婆; Ancient Greek: Σαβίρ, Σαβήρ; Kharakhanid: سُوَار) were an Oğuric speaking tribe and component of the Onoğur Confederation. Prior to migrating west, they inhabited the region west of Yi-wu (伊吾) and north of Agni (焉耆) on the side of Aqtağ Mountain (白山). They were presumably one of the Onoğur tribes under the Xuŋa, who then joined the Tägäräk before their arrival on the Eurasian Steppes.  



Śavar is likely derived from Turkic *s(ʲ)ɑb- “to hit, strike, attack,” whence, Çŏvaş *sʲɑp- s.m.

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