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Project ALPER is a set of characters or "superheroes" that I am designing, fleshing out, and then giving to YOU. Like DC and Marvel, I want to create an entire multiverse of Turkic stories. Think about it. Is there a single hero that represents us there? Shouldn't there be? Well now there can be thousands! Check out the characters, keep what you want, throw out the rest, and write your story! 

So, what's the catch?

It's simple. Let me know what you write and share it on the this page! Let others read your story! This is a perfect opportunity to introduce our youth to our culture in a fun and engaging way. 

Boraman • "Stormbringer"

TanirVefaAvci Turkic Superhero.jpg
TanirVefaAvci Turkic Superhero2.jpg

Earth 1 Boraman or "Stormbringer" is from an alternate timeline, where the Turks never converted from Tengrism. As a reward, certain individuals were given qut or "divine favor," allowing them to manifest powers. Boraman was the first and strongest of these individuals, his qut being from Tanrı himself. 

However, during an attempt to chase a villain to the past, he finds that he is unable to return home. For the villain alters history, erasing himself from the timeline in the process. But as a result of his divine nature, Boraman continues to exist, trapped in a new timeline that is based on our world. 


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