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Scribe's Records (史記) 110 - Pei Yin's Commentaries (English)

[Scribe's Records - Collected Commentaries] 史記集解 [Volume 110] 卷一百一十

〈漢書音義曰匈奴始祖〉”Hanshu Yinyi says Chun-wei (淳維) is the Ancestor of the Xuŋa"
〈晉灼曰堯時曰葷粥周曰獫狁秦曰匈奴〉”Jin Zhuo says during Emperor Yao’s time, they were called the Xun-yu. During the Zhou, they were called the Xian-yun. During the Qin, they were called the Xiong-nu.”
〈徐廣曰北狄駿馬〉”Xu Guang says (駃騠) is the Beidi’s fine horse”
〈徐廣曰似馬而青〉”Xu Guang says (騊駼) is similar to a horse and is black”
〈徐廣曰音顛巨虚之屬〉 TBD
〈韋昭曰鋋形似矛鐵柄音時年反〉”Wei Zhao says the (鋋)’s shape is similar to a spear with an iron handle and sounds like (年) (LH *nen) instead”
〈漢書曰單于姓攣鞮氏〉 “Hanshu says the Darğa’s clan was named (攣鞮)”
〈徐廣曰后稷之曽孫〉 TBD
〈徐廣曰公劉九世孫〉 TBD
〈韋昭曰戎後來居此山故號曰驪戎〉”Wei Zhao says the Rong made their home at this mountain (驪山) afterwards, and that is why it is also named (驪戎).”
〈徐廣曰一為陸邑〉”Xu Guang says (陸渾) became (陸邑).”
〈毛詩傳曰言逐出之而已〉 TBD
〈毛詩傳曰彭彭四馬貌朔方北方〉 TBD
〈徐廣曰圁在西河音銀洛在上郡馮翊間〉 TBD
〈徐廣曰在天水䝠音丸〉 TBD
〈徐廣曰後更名臨晉在馮翊〉”Xu Guang says (大荔) changed his name to (臨晉) and stayed at (馮翊).”
〈徐廣曰在安定〉”Xu Guang says (烏氏) is in (安定).”
〈漢書音義曰烏丸或云鮮卑〉 TBD
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