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Xazar (Khazar)


The Xazar (Chinese: 渴達, 突厥可薩, 突厥曷薩; Hebrew: כזר ,כרזר ,קזר; Middle Persian: Xädur; Persian: خزر; Greek: Χάζαροι; Arabic: الخزر) were a 7th century Turkic-speaking tribe that founded a Qağanate north of the Caucasus, spanning an area covering southeastern Russia, southern Ukraine, Qırım, and Qazaqstan.




The Book of Sui is the first to mention the Xazar tribe, stating that they inhabited the area north of the State of Kaŋ, near the Ätil River. It is also stated that the Aqatğır, an Oğur-speaking tribe, inhabited that same area. The same source also mentions that the Xazar tribe was capable of raising 30,000 soldiers. 

Judging by their tamğa, a derivative of the Yedivar tamğa, their elite were likely from a Hunnish tribe. The Avars were also Hunnish speakers who came to rule over an Oğur-speaking population.  

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