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Azärbaycanlı (Azerbaijani)

The Azärbaycanlı (Azerbaijani) Türks (Azerbaijani: Azərbaycanlı; Arabic: آذربایجانلی) are an Oğuz Turkic speaking ethnic group that inhabit northwestern Iran and Azärbaycan.




Azärbaycan is etymologically derived from Old Persian *äːturpat (𐎠𐎬𐎼𐎱𐎫) “protected by fire” and the Iranic nominal suffix *-gäːn.

It is also mentioned in the late Ssniyn text, The Provincial Cities of Eränşähr, where it is noted that "the city of Azärbaycan (A̋durba̋däga̋n) was made by İran-Guşäsb (Éra̋n-Guşäsp) the spahbäd (spa̋hbed) of Azärbaycan (A̋durba̋däga̋n)" At this time it was the name of both the region and its capital city. The Oğuz tribes that the modern Turks of Azärbaycan descend from had not yet migrated to the region.

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