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Onoğur (Onoghur)

The Onoğurs (Chinese: 雍屈, 恩屈; Greek: Ὀνόγουροι) were a confederation of Oğuric speaking tribes. Initially under the rule of the Xuŋa, they would later become a component of the Tägäräk confederation. The Çŏvaş are their descendants and the only people that still speak an Oğuric language. 

Early History

The Onoğurs are first mentioned in the Jinshu as the Yong-jue (雍屈) LH *ʔuoŋ-gut. After the Ürpän tribe led the remaining Xuŋa tribes to the West, the Onoğurs joined the Tägäräk confederation as the En-jue (恩屈) LH *ʔən-gut.¹ Following the collapse of the Xunı Empire in the 5th century C.E., they emerged as a dominant force on the west Eurasian steppes, replacing their former Hunnish overlords.

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