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I founded BilgeBitig with the goal of both preserving and spreading awareness of Turkic culture. Using a mix of traditional and modern approaches to teaching, BilgeBitig confidently proclaims its intent to become the go-to website for all things Turkic! 

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Are you biased?

Everyone is biased, but I try to be open about any biases I may have. Honesty is important to me because true preservation is impossible without a foundation built on objectivity. 

Is this website only for Turks?

This website is for everyone. All are welcome and encouraged to be a part of the community. I would personally love to see other ethnic groups join the website. It's my dream to introduce Turkic culture to the world, not just to Turks. ​

Why are there so many incomplete/WIP pages?

Alas, I am one man. Moreover, as someone with both OCD and ADHD, I cannot sit still. So, I am constantly working on a rotating lineup of projects. But rest assured! If I start something, I'll finish it! 

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